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Paradise Tattoo, Inc.

627 Duval St.

Key West, FL 33040


Open 10am - 10pm, 7 Days

"Simply the Best Place to Get STUCK!"

Since 1992

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Don't be fooled by similar logos or names.  

We are the Original, the One and Only 

"Paradise Tattoo"

in the Florida Keys.


"Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!"


Paradise Tattoo, Inc. has always been the "Premiere Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio in the Florida Keys" opening in 1992.

  Our newest and only location is at 627 Duval St. and opened its doors in 2007

Pain "Free" Tattooing

Since 1992

Paradise Tattoo has been offering body piercing and the "Largest Selection of Body Jewelry" since they opened in 1992.  Always at the forefront of sterile techniques and safety.  Your health is always our number 1 priority.  We only use the correct types of sterile jewelry, sterile needles, sterile tools and sterile procedures for each type of piercing.

  Our piercers have undergone hundreds of hours of training in order to offer you the absolute best when it comes to your needs.  With annual continuing education in our field, we maintain the highest standards for each and every client. 

Stop on in and meet our piercers Ryan and Greg for any piercing related question, or to get your fresh new piercing!

Piercings we offer:

Ear Lobe, Ear Cartilage, Helix/Forward Helix, Daith, Conch, Tragus, Anti Tragus, Rook, Snug, Orbital, Eyebrow, Industrial, Vert. Industrial, Septum, Labret, Lip, Monroe, Medusa, Vert. Labret, Tongue, Smiley, Dermals, Nipple, Labia, Hood, Hafada, Frenum, Dydoe, Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, Apadravya, Ampallang, Guiche.


For Piercing Pricing, please call us at (305)-292-9110.



Body Piercing Photos